Bridging psychology and spirituality

Integrative Practice

Grounded in clinical experience and training, I offer a style of therapy that addresses the dimensions of mind, body and spirit.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Accessing the body through Neuro Emotional Technique (which incorporates acupressure meridian points), somatic intuition and polyvagal theory.

Trauma Healing

Many of us have traumatized parts & memories that need attention and healing.  Through inner child work, Internal Family Systems, and other methods, we can work directly with the root of our issues.

Spiritually-Focused Practice

Using an expansive and respectful approach to spirituality, I guide clients to connect more deeply to their spiritual resources.

Groups for AAPI Community

Specialized and engaging group work for those who identify as Asian American/Pacific Islander

In-Person & Virtual Sessions

Offering virtual sessions and in-person sessions outdoors & at my Hillcrest office. Taking into account your comfort level, safety and convenience.


I can't recommend Ky highly enough. She is a highly skilled and effective therapist who is warm, approachable, and genuine. She cares deeply about people and conveys this through her compassionate attunement and presence

Amber Rice, LMFT

When I met Ky, I did not know that I would be so impacted by her. She is so very kind in nature with a gentle strength that is both reassuring and comfortable.

Charla Afoa, EdD, LMFT

She is a certified practitioner of NET which is a mind/body approach that may more quickly provide insights into what triggers you than the use of a traditional therapy approach. NET works especially well with problems related to unresolved childhood issues.

Linda Hart, PhD

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