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“When I met Ky, I did not know that I would be so impacted by her. She is so very kind in nature with a gentle strength that is both reassuring and comfortable. Ky introduced me to the NET technique and I was blown away by how she was so accurate in finding hidden emotional wounds that I didn’t even realize was there. She was patient with me as I cried and provided clarity when I didn’t understand. I felt absolutely taken care of during the process and I truly feel it was the beginning to a lot of emotional healing that I didn’t even know that I needed. It is because of my relationship with her that I was able to get more focused and centered on my own path, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you Ky!”

– Charla Afoa, EdD, LMFT


“I can’t recommend Ky highly enough. She is a highly skilled and effective therapist who is warm, approachable, and genuine. She cares deeply about people and conveys this through her compassionate attunement and presence.”

– Amber Rice, LMFT


“Ky is a bright and insightful person with training and experience treating both children and adults. She cares deeply about her work and can be trusted to be both comforting and effective with even the most troubling life situations and challenges. She will help you to identify and change self-defeating behavior patterns so that you can make the positive changes that are needed to better your life.

She is also a certified practitioner of NeuroEmotional Technique, which is a mind/body approach that may more quickly provide insights into what triggers you than the use of a traditional therapy approach. NET works especially well with problems related to unresolved childhood issues. I recommend Ky highly.”

– Linda Hart, PhD


“Ky served as a Therapist for our students at transcenDANCE as our organization began offering more formalized therapeutic services to the teens that we serve. Ky showed up with the utmost integrity, professionalism, and commitment to our students and team members. Ky demonstrated a unique mix of cultural sensitivity, mindfulness techniques, and a caring presence to help our young people process a range of things related to trauma and adolescent stressors. Ky led both individual and group sessions for our students. They felt connected, supported, and hopeful through their work with Ky.”

– Cat Corral, Executive/Artistic Director of transcenDANCE